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Paint Protection Film

Protect your vehicle from the harsh roads of Alberta

One of the biggest investments a person makes in their life time is purchasing a vehicle but most individuals never think to invest to protect this investment further.  Paint protection films (PPF) is virtually invisible and significantly reduces damage from rock debris and insects. PPF keeps your vehicle looking new for longer allowing for an increase in trade-in value or chance of sale for the future.  If you plan on keeping your vehicle for the long haul, why wouldn't you want to keep it looking the same way it did the first day you bought it?

Here at Blackout, we use software that allows for precision cutting of paint protection film to the specific shape of every vehicle. This precision eliminates the chance of errors during time of installation

Llumar Platinum Paint Protection

Llumar Platinum paint protection film (PPF) offers superior optical clarity and smooth top-coat surface. Llumar Platinum PPF has the ability to self-heal with the addition of natural heat from sunlight.  It also offers invisible protection to insects, salt and other road debris.  This film possesses a hydrophobic top-coat formulation that is resists water, scratch and crack resistant leaving your vehicle looking glossy.  All Llumar Platinum PPF comes with a 10 year Manufacturer's Warranty against cracking, peeling, yellowing, or bubbling from date of installation.  Llumar Platinum PPF is intended for use only on fully cured OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) vehicle painted surfaces and thus repainted surfaces will not be covered under this warranty. 

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